So what is this stuff?

Sparrow is sparkling water infused with organic caffeine. It’s available in any flavor you want, as long as that’s lemon, and in any size you want, as long as that’s 12 ounces.

Natural Lemon Flavors

(& a little citric acid)

Organic Caffeine

(from green coffee beans)

Sparkling Water

(clear, crisp, bubbly)

Natural Lemon Flavors

What exactly are natural flavors? Good question!
Not all natural flavors are alike, but we carefully select our flavor (flavors?) for taste and ingredients. Sparrow Lemon has a tiny amount of two essential oil extracts called “terpenes”; one comes from lemon peels and the other from orange peels. How tiny is this amount? Less than 1/5 of one percent. So, while one of our terpenes is said to be a memory aid, and the other an anti-inflammatory, this tiny amount isn’t going to do much. They just taste good.

Organic Caffeine

Every can of Sparrow contains 75mg of organic caffeine, cold water extracted from green coffee beans. We like organic caffeine because we feel it’s a gentler boost than the synthetic stuff found in most sodas and energy drinks. 75mg is about the same amount as a single espresso shot or medium caffè latte from your favorite nautical themed Seattle based franchise coffee bar.

Certified Organic (USDA & ECO-CERT)

Sustainably grown and ethically farmed

Non-GMO plant-based energy

Sparkling Water


Clear. Wet. Drawn from an artesian well deep in the jungle primeval of the rural Pacific Northwest. Triple RO filtered & UV purified. It’s delicious.

Certified Organic by Nature ®

Vegan & Paleo Friendly