Drink Sparrow. Save puppies.

We’re a nation of animal lovers, and every year we give hundreds of millions of dollars to national charities to prevent animal cruelty and rescue mistreated animals. Most of this money never gets to your local shelter.


When you buy Sparrow, 10% of the proceeds go to local animal charities.

That’s our minimum commitment.

We’re excited to give more as we grow – both in the amount we give and the ways we help – but, starting out, we’re looking at where we’re making sales and we’re identifying the local charities where we can make the biggest impact.

By giving locally, you ensure your money directly helps animals in need.

And, you help the organizations that need it most.

It’s great to donate to the big international organizations. But, they bring in tons of money every year and “Animal Rescue of Your Town” won’t typically see any of this. They need help too – maybe more so than the big groups.

Your contributions exclusively support no-kill shelters, (and the very best organizations we can find).

There’s a debate about no-kill, and to be honest we don’t know the answer. We think the most ethical thing to do is support no-kill shelters. Would we make an exception to this rule? For the absolute best, most effective, local organization that does a ton of good? Sure. Is our understanding of these issues evolving? Absolutely. Are we animal cause experts? Not even a little bit.

We’re working on it. At the very least, donating to animal shelters, supporting local adoption events, promoting local organizations… these can’t be bad. We’re doing our best and we want your input; what are the problems that need solving in your area and how can we help?

We’d love to hear from you.

Tell us about the great local animal charities that you love, tell us about the problems that need solutions at the local level, tell us your adoption stories… we’d just love to hear from you.

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